The fear of silence and the furious mind

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When we think of our mind and the way it works most of us might not even think that this could have anything to do with silence. But just as one of my last conversations with a client showed me again: There very often is so much fear of silence. There is fear of discovering something unwanted in our mind. Something furious. Something wild. Something nasty.

And yes. There ist something that you will discover even in your own mind. And yes again, it might be terrifying. Nonetheless very often exactly there is the place - or let us call it the SPACE - where you will find a hidden treasure you might not even expect there in your wildest dreams.

But how can you make the very first step into this terrifying silence in your mind or even in your live?

Well, exactly that is what I would like to show in this podcast episode. ^.~

And by the way: Your are awsome.


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