Give Up Control To Release Your Inner Pain

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How many life strategies do you follow that do not fit to you?

Did you know that having always a plan or living clear discipline often is not a sing of self-confidence but more a sing of insecurity? When we are young we learn a lot about the way you life has to be. Maybe you start with going to school, going to university, finding a job, having a familiy etc.

But maybe you have already had these moments in your life that make you thing, if that what you are doing here all day long it right for you. These sort of moment come to all of us at some time in our lives but most people recognize them, struggle a short amount of time and then get back to business as usual.

And yes, this is just the normal way it goes. I did thi by myself very often in my live and it a common behavior of protecting ourselves. The only problem is that in this case there stil is some part of our unconsious mind, that says about our "back to normal" way of life that it is wrong. So that is the point when these differences in your consious mind and in your unconsious mind might bring you into trouble. The result is some unseen kind of pain that you even do not feel because you feel fear or frustration or maybe you have some kind of dissease instead.

You see this topic is quite complex today, nonetheless I will have a closer look at this for you on my current New Mindset Generation Podcast episode.

So then: Don't forget that you are awsome.


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