How To Create A Levitating Mindset

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Today I have a very nice mindset-hack or a little mind-game for you. Especially this might be very interesting for you if you often feel like climbing the stairs of your life all day long without really getting into a better position.

The reason is just, that most people are used to stay on a special base inside their minds. We are used to think and do things in a special way and we do this again and again and again. The problem is: even when we notice that we have to change something in our lives, we are very often not able to figure out which base we are unconsciously bound to and why it is holding us on a personal level we want to out grow.

If you feel that this issue might be interesting for you: In this episode of the New Mindset Generation Podcast I have prepared a little mindset-traing that can help you to figure out what is still holding you back. It's time to fly to the next level of an indepentend mindset, isn't it? ^.~

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