My Method

Clear Your Past

by Platti Lorenz

If "just let go" and "just believe in it" doesn't work, it's time to rewrite your story.

Whar is
*Clear Your past*?

*Clear Your Past* is my personal method to recognize and resolve problematic beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior patterns that have their origin outside of your individual experience and even your life span.

This means that this method helps you to dissolve mental blockages over several generations that have arisen, for example, through inherited traumata and behavioral patterns in your family that you often do not know.

This is how it works



Realize your hidden patterns and behaviors.
What are you still clinging to unconsciously? Where do you have a tough time to accept your new, positive beliefs or even belief in yourself and in your goals and abilities?



Draw the overall picture and make connections.
In what situations in your life do your self-sabotage patterns happen? Under what circumstances do your hidden beliefs become visible particularly clear?


Rewrite & Release

Start telling yourself a new story.
In this step you give yourself back responsibility for yourself and your life. You break free from the unconscious (often childlike) patterns of behavior and relationship contracts with your ancestors and people who are close to your family.


Break Through & Choose New

Become aware of your new possibilities and perspectives.
In this step you perceive the space that opens up in your way of thinking and perceiving. You begin to realize why, for example, some strategies have not worked and why certain doubts, worries and concerns seem like distant fairy tales from the Arabian Nights. You got a new basis for your decisions.

Note: This method is not a substitute for psychotherapeutic treatment. If you are in psychological treatment and still want to try *Clear Your Past*, please clarify with your therapist beforehand whether this is the right time for you to take part in this process.

What is *Clear Your Past* based on?

History Understanding: In fact, I'm a real history junkie. And yes, I studied art history (#childhooddream ^o^). Well, and if I have learned one thing from it: History is there to learn from it - not to hold onto it. Nevertheless, we do exactly that, we orientate ourselves on what was and basically run backwards into our future.
Question: How do you go through your personal history or through the history of your family?

Imagination Methodology: Your head is a miracle tool. You are always and everywhere able to think what is impossible. (As a fantasy writer, I do that all the time. ^_^) Only at some point in life most of us learn that we have to be realistic and always stick to the truth. However, they then forget: Truth is always individual. Just like the limiting story you tell yourself.
Question: Why do you prefer to believe in a story about yourself that makes you small and powerless?

Psychology & Coaching Techniques: Over the years I have asked myself a lot of questions. Why is my company not running the way I would like it to? Why don't I take myself seriously? Why do I keep sabotaging myself and telling myself scary things? Etc. However, it was only the sudden death of my parents that led me to understand them and my story, as well as the history of my entire family (including inherited traumata and sabotage patterns) and to process them with the right tools.
Question: What are you doing to do "the right thing" even though it doesn't make you happy?

Philosophy & Communication Theory: We say a lot more than is actually in our words. This applies both to the outside between people as well as to the inside, i.e. in the conversations that you (constantly !!!) have with yourself. It is not without reason that communication studies (my second mainstay in my studies ^.~) and philosophy are always about asking the right questions and changing perspectives.
Question: Which questions or challenges do you face again and again in your life and always lead to the same result?

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