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by Platti Lorenz
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A few fun facts about me

I'm Platti Lorenz - and yes, that's an artist name. I'm a German fantasy writer, I startet my own publishing company and by offering writing courses I got into business mentoring and mindset training (that's what you see here).
After 2 semesters of pharmacy (I wanted to do something reasonable) I studied communication science and art history. (And yes, my professor asked me at the time what I was planning to do with this. It's not for the faint-hearted, but it was spot on. ^_^)
For more than seven years I worked in public relations and networking for an innovation and commercial center, primarily as an online editor.
My husband and I live together with two very confident but also lovely cats who are convinced that they own our apartment.
I have a very dry and very black sense of humor, which impresses above all with its charming wit and can sometimes also appear conspicuous. But otherwise I'm considered to be easy to care for. (Unless you ask our cats.)
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