My offer for newcomers to long-term digital communication

During your 1:1 Integration Check-up, you have the opportunity to get to know your communicative strengths as a person, for your company and for your offer in more detail. The main thing here is to integrate what you have built up over the past weeks, months or even years and decades (communicatively and entrepreneurially) in such a way so that you can get out of the hype of "from strategy to strategy" or "from intuition to intuition".

It's much more about you:

  • knowing your resources after this check-up.
  • having energy and time wasters on your screen and being able to avoid them or get rid of them.
  • maintaining and clearly establishing the basis for your communicative authority in the digital world (i.e. not bossy, bitchy or toxic-godess-like 😋).

Is this offer interesting for you? Then just click on the button to find out more details and book your 1:1 Integreation Check-up to build up your long-term digital communication. You're in for 585 euros plus VAT. 😊

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My advanced offer for you

In my 1:1 consulting "Destroy + Optimize", you will experience an intensive deep dive into your entrepreneurial communication structure and your 8 communication archetypes, in which you will reorganize your overall communicative image in just a few weeks and switch to a sustainable long-term mode with the aim of stabilizing and further expanding your income on the digital market. 💪🔥💖

Important: This offer is not suitable for start-ups or digital newbies (better click here), as I will use your existing online structures and previous experience as a starting point.

It's about optimization, which sometimes takes place on a very personal level of detail. You should have already tried out a few things with your online business and generate at least 100,000 euros net annual turnover with your company (online or offline).

If this offer for 7,800 euros plus VAT is of interest to you, please send me your request here. 😉

FunFact: If the deep dive is just too much for you to start with, you can also request individual 1:1 strategy consulting by briefly describing your situation in the form below. I will then send you a customized offer. Your investment for this starts from 5,000 euros plus VAT.

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