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Start now with your long-term digital strategy to build up stable sales and entrepreneurial security that goes beyond the next social media hype. 😊🙌✨

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Hey, I'm Platti. ^^

Your personal German nerd when it comes to digital communication, long-term strategy & content marketing.🐱‍👤

Many online entrepreneurs and business starters long for a simple online presentation that brings them regular sales, new customers and the much-desired stability in their business (as well as in their private lives). 💸💖🤝

I have been working with a wide variety of companies and founders for around 15 years now and yet the magic word is always the same: sustainable long-term strategy.

Some can do it intuitively. But most self-employed people - and even long-standing entrepreneurs - lack the fundamental basics that ensure your digital business communication goes beyond the next Tiktok trend or the next change to the Google, Facebook or Instagram algorithm. 🌐🐱‍🏍🤘

The reason for this is that there are too many strategies on the market and only 1-3% of them are designed for digital newcomers. Most of the offerings only serve to optimize online strategies for companies that already have an established community and generate stable income. This is a completely different communication dynamic than entrepreneurs experience when they are just warming up to the digital stage and sometimes they don't even have a properly developed offer that can be marketed digitally. 🙃

This is exactly where I come in with IndieMIND and my offers around "Come To The Dark Side Of Digital Communication". 😊🏴‍☠️✨ My little tip: To get you started on the dark side of sustainable long-term communication, I recommend my free communication type test, which will help you find out exactly where your potential currently stands and why your business is not yet being recognized the way you would like it to be. 😘

With this in mind: enjoy your ride on the dark side of digital communication. 🖤🔥

Katrin "Platti" Lorenz

Coach & consultant for long-term digital strategy 🌺

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Want to know more about me?

Your wish is my command.🤠 Here are a few fun facts you should know about me:

  • Over 15 years of experience and practical work in the field of online communication
  • since 2009 practical experience in content editing, content creation, SEO and content production, online strategy
  • Produced formats: Video, texts, podcasts, blogs, social media post series, social media advertising, fantasy novels, offline event formats, online event formats, 48-hour online convention (live🤘), trade fair presentations, network building, online type test, online courses and other digital or analog learning & mentoring formats
  • Currently no active presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co (Everything you see here currently works via my network and purely content-based search engine optimization 😁)
  • Fantasy & SciFi writer (3 published novels 😋🏴‍☠️), cat nerd and co-host of the German podcast "NerdGipfel. The podcast for smartasses and all those who want to become one"
Looking for more? Just contact me! ^^

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